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Building and operating solid, cost-effective and secure architectures on public cloud.

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Vincent Van der Kussen

Zoolite is owned by Vincent and provides consulting around cloud engineering and architecture.

Vincent has a background in operations and has worked with several development teams over the past few years and enjoys assisting them to deliver stable services through design and implementation.

He holds several certifications (e.g. Red Hat Certified Engineer, AWS Solutions Architect Associate, AWS SysOps associate) and always keeps an eye on new technology and see where it might add value. In his spare time he can be found mountainbiking.


Friends don't let friends build datacenters :-) and therefore we are firm believers of leveraging Public Cloud to speed up and drive innovation. We currently focus on AWS and can help you architect, build and manage

Automation & CI/CD

Infrastructure as Code is now the new default. We can help you develop reproducable infrastructure deployments and integrate it in your CI/CD pipeline using tools like Cloudformation, Terraform, Ansible, Python,...


We have experience working with development teams building the necessary tooling that allows the deployment of new features with the goal to deliver great customer experience.


Containers have changed the way how we can do deployments and thanks to frameworks like Kubernetes, ECS and Nomad we can schedule and deploy applications in a controlled way.

Linux & Open Source

Open Source and Linux is where it all started for us and over the 10+ years we have build comprehensive knowledge and contributed to several projects.


Often we develop tooling to fill a void or need to add functionality. Some examples are Slack Apps using Lambda functions, REST services using API Gateway, Cloudformation Custom Resources,..

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Consolidate your NAT Gateways with Transit Gateway and save some money

At ReInvent of 2018 AWS announced Transit Gateway. Transit Gateway is a managed service that allows you to connect multiple VPC’s from different …

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